Not that I’m trying push my humble little Hunchback wares but I wanted to share some new shirts with you good people. Not sure I’ll continue doing the “what would would X do” but we’ll see. Quasimodo, Frollo, and Esmeralda are the trifecta characters anyway. The what would shirts are based on the book.  I hope these shirts at least cracks a smile, or two. Edited 3/1/12 I added a Gringoire shirt and a Cartoon Rendering of Quasimodo, because who does want to wear a picture of Quasimodo on their person….


Quasimodo shirt shirt
Quasimodo shirt by Hunchstore

Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler shirt
Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler by Hunchstore

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