This is an adorable video from Finale of a performance at Crocus City of the World Tour of Notre Dame de Paris.

This video is from the Victor Hugo Musical Gala.

It features Nadia Bel, Matt Laurent, Robert Marien, Bruno Pelletier, Richard Charest, Sophie Tremblay all singing Le Temps des Cathédrales.

This is a very interesting short view of Disney’s Hunchback by Charity Bishop. It is done from the religious symbolism perspective. In the review she  draws parallels between the characters and Bible, like Quasimodo to Moses and Frollo to Satan.  Her correlation between Notre Dame and God and how the characters interact with  Notre Dame  represents how they interact with God.  It is a very interesting review that is well thought out and entertaining.


This is silly, I like the Frollo and the choice of music

It’s quite silly.

This version was performed in 2010 and 2011 (I think). This video is an interview a few clips of the cast rehearsing.

Quasimodo – Marcin Kołaczkowski
Esmeralda – Edyta Krzemień
Gringoire- Michał Rudaś
Febus – Janusz Kruciński
Clopin – Marcin Mroziński
Frollo – Paweł Tucholski
Fleur de Lys – Patricia Kazadi


Apparently it is customary for Richard Charest to thank the crowd in country’s official language and start singing in French but the crowd was happier to heard Richard Cocciante singing in Italian.

These video are from a promotional visit the cast did in January.

European Portuguese


And she getting new bells that will sound closer to how they sounded in Medieval times.



Today “Fan-art” is a screen shot from a music video I made to Notre Dame de Paris back in July.

Screencap from a Notre Dame de Paris Fan Video  picture image

Screencap from a Notre Dame de Paris Fan Video

You only see it for a few frames to emphasize a beat but I liked the effect so I took a screenshot while I was editing it. So this was done with a two layers one with the dazzle effect and the other layer has a mask. There is also a angle and a zoom of the clips.

Watch the video here (not my best editing but NDdP isn’t easy to edit to when the song has strong beats)