This Video I found on Youku and it’s of Matt Laurent (Quasimodo) and Candice Parise (Esmeralda) singing an excerpt of “The Birds they put in Cages” from the English version of Notre Dame de Paris. This is not a perforrmance of the show but a concert for a crowd. Please forgive the Audio and Visuals but it’s better than nothing right? Enjoy

click here to view on youtube

I’m going to give Parise and Laurent a pass on judgement till  better audio clip comes around. (though I hear clips Laurent singing the role before)  but I have a feeling Parise belts Esmeralda as did Tina Arena, which I do not care for but for know not going to pass judgement or criticism.

I hope people’s candy bags are full of this;

The Reason I’m late – I live in New England and over the weekend there was a large snow storm which caused a lot of power outages and it postponed Trick or Treating till Nov 3rd, so yeah… I forgot

Warning  video contains naughty words. The Song is Schadenfreude from Avenue Q featuring Esmeralda as Gary and Quasimodo as Nikki. Video edited by .


Hey It’s a Youtube Poop Video by Dinner Warrior. I confess I like Frollo and Gaston as a Comic Duo

(Via Dinner Warrior’s Description)
Transcription (spoiler warning):

Narrator: There’s no intro.
Frollo: You know I have head lice.
Gaston: That’s nothing, I have ticks.
Le Fou: Every guy here loves you Gaston.
Gaston: No shit, this is a gay bar and every last inch of me’s waxed… not!
Frollo: Shall we review your alphabet today?
Gaston: I can’t read.
LeFou: Gaston, you fail at life.
Frollo: Then tell me Maria, why I see her dancing there… what? Why the hell is Lady Gaga in my fireplace?
Le Fou: Gosh that girl disturbs me Gaston.
Gaston: I know, me too.
Ratcliffe: The ladies of court will friend me on twitter when they see how I glitter.
Frollo: Eat my tacos. I have fish tacos, beef tacos, chicken tacos. I have it all! Made with real meat, real cheese, real corn.
Gaston: Hello Frollo, I’ll have four-dozen tacos and a large pepsi and for dessert I’ll have jello.
Frollo: It’s yours.
Tomo: I’m a taco. AHHH!
Frollo: I’ll find her. I’ll find Hellen if I have to burn down all of Troy!
Gaston: Iliad.
Frollo: I am a fish.
Gaston: Manatee.
Ratcliffe: Cheep-cheep!
Gaston: Every last inch of Waxonator’s covered with memes.
Osaka: Well, see ya!

The Differences post is coming…..soon


A silly video using Victor Hugo Frollo as it’s base. The credits are funny too. By  

So I found this video a while ago. It a video of the Hunchback of Notre Dame to “why is the Rum gone”. There two videos like this on youtube but I find this video more fun, plus  ye olde heretic is in this one ^_~ so I thought I’d share

video starts at 0:20 Enjoy

The Old Heretic Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Old Heretic Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Just to keep this blog fun I’m going to post some hunchback related fun so enjoy this offering ^_^