Seeing as last week we got an announcement that Disney is remaking The Hunchback of Notre Dame as part of their live action remake movie trend, I thought it would be a good time to do a check on all the differen versions of Hunchback that have been announced in recent memory.

Now in my tenure of running this blog, counting the new Disney/Josh Gad version there has been SIX “new” versions that have been announced and nothing has gotten made as of yet.

Josh Brolin picture image
Josh Brolin

The first one was the Josh Brolin version.
This was to be a “jazzy” version with Zhang Yimou slated to direct.  Now Brolin has been on and off with this one since like 2011. Back in May 2018 he said he was still trying with this version but a New York Times article back in June of 2018 used the word “jazzy” in reference to Brolin’s Hunchback. But who knows? I’m not holding my breath for this version.  

Max Ryan picture image
Max Ryan

Then we have the Max Ryan version which was to be directed by Chuck Russell. This one I believe was announced in 2014 with the news of Russell directing being announced in 2015. I think had a 2018 release date.  But in so far nothing has come out about it. 

This version actually has a bit of a history since in was based on script from 2007 that had a cast mentioned with it. Most noticeably Monica Cruz as Esmeralda and John Rhys-Davies as Frollo. This is also the version with character called “Figment.”  Which I think for a while was on the IMBD page.  You can read more for a bit of a summary of that 2007 concept here.  Because it’s very weird
Anyway still no news on this version. 

Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame singing "God Help the Outcast" picture image
Esmeralda singing “God Help the Outcast” Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Then there is the lesser known Peter Chernin version. This was one was announced in 2015 as an Esmeralda POV movie. The idea was originally announced in 2013 a idea for Once Upon a Time. There has been no news of this version since 2015. 

Peter Dinklage Quasimodo picture image
Peter Dinklage

Then we have the Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage  TV collab. This news was reported back in October 2017. So it’s still fairly new and there was a report back in May 2018  that mentioned the project. So I assume it’s still in the works.

Idris Elba picture imahe
Idris Elba

Also back in May of 2018, Idris Elba announced he was going to take on a Hunchback version for Netflix. This was the most recent project till last week. Again not a big deal that we haven’t gotten any follow-ups yet, it’s still pretty new.

Josh Gad for Quasimodo picture image
Josh Gad

That brings us to the Live-action remake with Josh Gad. I looked at Gad’s twitter and he has two posts (at the time I looked at his feed)  that hinted Hunchback. One of him reading the Disney version’s art book and one him outside of Notre Dame with text that said “Bells bells bells” etc.

I do find a little interesting since Gad was already in a Live action Disney remake as Le Fou and he voices Olaf that maybe this version is a bit of a passion project. That Gad is the one who convinced Disney to do this and not the other way around. I could be wrong, I’m probably wrong. We will have to see.

So we have a race on our hands. Which Hunchback version will be the first to get released to a general audience? Or at least announces some casting news first?
Only time will tell.

I think we have all pretty much written this version off as ever getting made but the other day I couldn’t resist checking google news for it. And not surprsingly I didn’t find anything  but I did find it getting a minor plug in articles that were talking about Yimou’s Zhang upcoming movie Great Wall which were from December 2014, as the MOST recent. And all it said is that Zhang Yimou was linked to the Quasimodo movie. I just found that a little silly, (article here.)


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Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black picture image

Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black

A little over a year ago, like in early August of 2013, we were given the last bit of information regarding the Josh Brolin version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo. Which was that Hero director, Yimou Zhang was going to direct.

In 2012, we were told by Brolin, that the movie was going to be “jazzy,” as in fun.

And in 2011,  the movie was announced with Brolin starring as Quasimodo.

In three years, we know a mere three things about this movie and there doesn’t seem to be any new public developments on the horizon, at least at the time I’m posting this.

It drives me crazy, to tease the public especially when the information presented seems to a be clutter fuck of genres to a story that is considered a literally classic. I mean we have Brolin who is like a dramatic actor mixed with what seems to be a Jazzy action-adventure, with a director known for dramatic actions movies.

I mean is this even going to happen? Was Brolin announcing the project an attempt to drum up public interest? Or is this in development hell? Since Brolin announced this in 2011 he has worked on ten other movies, two are in post-production, one is filming and one is in pre-production.  Zhang has worked on one since his involvement was annouced in 2013.

I just find it so irritating, three years and he have one actor, a director and a jazzy script (never letting that go, ever). That 2007 Hunchback movie, that I wrote about a few weeks ago (read here), that one didn’t even happen and they at least had a full cast.

You know what Fuck it! I don’t think this movie going to happen. Brolin can prove me wrong but I’m tired of hoping for new information. Watch the next bit of information be from Brolin while promoting another movie saying it’s “edgy.”    I guess another actor can come along and  play Quasimodo, because Quasimodo is sweet, sweet Oscar bait.

(a Note-This is a little off-the cuff and I’m sleepy as I’m writing this (it’s like 2am))

Apparently the universe wants me to look bad because now that did I post where I did a “check-in” to show nothing was happening on the Brolin’s vanity project a.k.a Brolin’s Hunchback movie  there is some actual news of the on Josh Brolin’s Hunchback other than an adjective. Now the film is called “Quasimodo” (excuse me while I gag a bit).  It seems like Zhang Yimou will taking the helm on this project.  Zhang directed  Hero,  House Of Flying Daggers and The Flowers Of War. I liked Hero and I thought House of Flying Dagger was ok-ish. I didn’t see Flowers of War.

I have to say I’m glad Tim Burton isn’t directing “Quasimodo” though frankly I wouldn’t have cared if he did. I would love to have seen how he made everything all black and white and quirky.  Zhang does seem to have his own style but I hope the film isn’t a  action martial art movie but with pretty imagery. But given the Brolin’s interviews, Brolin himself, the script by the Sherlock Holmes writers, and now the director, I think this is going to be a Hunchback movie that will have an inappropriate amount of action in it. But to tell you the true I’m more caught up in the name “Quasimodo.” The Hunchback of Notre Dame is bad enough robbing the original titular characters of Esmeralda and the cathedral but at least there  is an air of mystery to it, but these singular one word titles are meant to sound all epic. Plus this whole movie is Brolin’s vanity project and he can’t let anyone forget that like ever. He is this movie. Oh, why couldn’t have been a better actor’s vanity project?

I’m not sure if my expectations are lower or up a little from this news. Maybe the promise of director who has made some lovely movies has up it but the dumb title has made it go crashing down.  Actually, I take it back, I have don’t have any expectations for this movie really.  I hope it’s bad, It’s more fun for me if it is.