Not My Joke and it has variations; try to Enjoy

The hunchback of Notre Dame needed a job. He knocked on the door of the belltower. The gentleman at the door asked,

“What do you want?” The hunchback replied,

“I need a job. I want to ring the bell.”

“You’re too short to ring the bell,” said the gentleman. The hunchback said,

“Just give me one chance to prove to you that I can.”

The gentleman agrees and the two go up to the bell at the top of the tower. Clearly the small man could not reach the bell. He takes a few steps back and takes a running jump, banging the bell with his face.
“Okay,” said the gentleman, “but you can’t do it more than once, you’ll hurt yourself.”

But the hunchback did it again and again and again and was fine. He gets the job.

The next day the same gentleman is walking down the street with the priest. The hunchback of Notre Dame takes his running start, misses the bell and falls of the building, crashing to the ground, dead. The priest goes,

“Oh my god! Did you know this man?” The gentleman replies,

“No, but his face rings a bell.”

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