Every now and again I get hits from people searching odd questions. So I’m going to start answering your searched questions. I’m going to answer these questions with the all the academic-ness/pedantic-ness I can muster (it’s more fun that way)

Quasimodo Illustrtion Francois flameng

Illustration of Quasimodo

Big Bird of Sesame Street picture image

Big Bird of Sesame Street






The first one I noticed was the question of who is uglier Quasimodo or Big Bird? A very interesting question to be sure. The answer comes down to a simple matter of opinion but that is cop-out response so let’s go deeper and really answer this aged-old question. First thing, is which Quasimodo should we compare Big Bird against? Not all Quasimodo as created equal some are very ugly and deformed, some are cute, and some are handsome and just have low self-esteem. So to be fair let’s go to the source Victor Hugo’s Quasimodo. In the novel Quasimodo is decribed as having a horse-shoe mouth, a small left eye with bushy red eyebrow, a right eye that’s completely hidden by a monstrous wart, uneven broken teeth with gaps that project out like tusks, callous lips, and forked chin. He was also described ” a giant who had been broken and badly put together again.”  Big Bird is a  perpetually 6 year old 8-foot, 2-inch yellow bird.


Quasimodo Recusing Esmeralda picture image

Quasimodo Recusing Esmeralda

Big Bird of Sesame Street Picture image

Big Bird of Sesame Street







Now beauty maybe in the eyes of the beholder but there are certain truths that lie within aesthetics.  Symmetry is a big one.  Facial Symmetry denotes health and from an evolutionary stand point anything that denotes a healthy being is worthy of mating and thus becomes a sign of beauty. Quasimodo’s looks as described by Hugo is in total opposition to symmetry and that is why Quasimodo triumphs over Big Bird in the Ugly department, at least Hugo’s Quasimodo. Sorry Big Bird.

Quaismodo on the Offense L.H. Rudder 1884 picture image

Quaismodo on the Offense L.H. Rudder 1884

Big Bird of Sesame Street picture image

Big Bird of Sesame Street







If you search an odd question and find the Hunchblog (And I notice it) I’ll answer it or leave a comment with your weird/odd questions and I’ll answer them in a post. The weirder the better.

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