Frollo is a Ladies' Man Hunchback of Notre Dame disney

Frollo is a Ladies’ Man

(based on the wonderful book)

  1.  Stalk her
  2. Insult her in public
  3. Accuse her of a crime that you committed
  4. Condemn her to die
  5. When she is in jail, confess your feeling but remember don’t let her talk
  6. Proposition her for sex
  7. Try to force yourself on her
  8. Give her an ultimatum; The tomb of your Bed
  9. If all else fails, weep like a child
  10. But most importantly be Persistent


Follow these 10 easy steps and the women will be your’s or dead, but if you can’t have her no should.

(Behind the scene factoid – The chocolates that Frollo is “holding” are Ghirardelli Valentine’s Chocolate Squares,  however I changed name of to “Gobbo” which is Italian for Hunchback)

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