1.) You know every line from the book by heart.
2.) You’ve seen every movie and have at least heard every song from every musical adaptation.
3.) You’ve gone to visit Notre-Dame Cathedral and asked one of the priests if his name is Claude and if he knows any dancing girls.
4.) You’ve changed your name and have taken up dancing in front of random churches.
5.) Your boyfriend needs to dress up as one of the male NDDP characters to get your attention. (Or if you are a male, then your girlfriend needs to dress as an NDDP character to get your attention.)
6.) Your wallpaper in your house consists mainly of pictures of NDDP/HOND.
7.) You’re a “Fresme” fan.
8.) You know what a “Fresme” fan is.
9.) You know that in no matter what adaptation Phoebus is a jerk.
10.) If it’s movie night and your turn to choose the movie your friends all groan because they know what you have chosen.
11.) You’ve dressed as any NDDP/HOND character at least 5yrs. in a row.
12.) You base your wardrobe on your favorite NDDP character.
13.) You talk about guys or girls in this manner,”That guy was a total Quasimodo” “She was a total Fleur.”
14.) For any/all book reports or essays you have chosen NDDP and if the book report/essay had nothing to do with any themes, motives, French, French history,etc. you somehow found a way to sneak something NDDP related into the report/essay.
15.) You have turned cartoon and other adaptations where there was a VERY liberal use of artistic license into drinking games.
16.) You’ve had NDDP themed parties.
17.) You’ve written at least one “what if,” scenario involving Esmeralda and Claude Frollo.
18.) You can name at least 5 actresses who have played Esmeralda,and at least 5 actors who have played Claude Frollo,and at least 5 actors who have played Quasimodo.
19.) You sit up late at night wondering, “Who would win in a cat fight Fleur or Esme?”
20.) You have named a pet after an NDDP character.
21.) On January 6th you have an NDDP/HOND marathon.
22.) Instead of seeing a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, you see Claude Frollo on one shoulder and Jehan Frollo on the other.
23.) You know that Pierre Gringoire was based off a real person.
24.) You know where the Court of Miracles was located.
25.) When someone says “Hell” you need to follow it up with “Fire” and break out into song.
26.) You describe your feelings as characters of NDDP/HOND
Ex: “I’m feeling kinda Jehanish today.”
27.) You know exactly which character you are/are most like.
28.) You’ve posted on at least 3 fansites.
29.) You are jazzed that in KH3D there will be a HOND world.
30.) You search the internet for any information regarding the upcoming adaptations from Josh Brolin and Tim Burton and the little talked about Paramount adaptation. This is also true for searches regarding when Der Glockner Von Notre Dame will be coming to Broadway.
31.) You have a shrine devoted to your favorite character.
32.) You have painted your room with chalk board paint and scribbled odd quotes on your walls.
33.) For a science project you’ve tried alchemy.
34.) You have at least one website/bog/glog devoted to NDDP or at least a character.
35.) When you hear church bells, Quasimodo automatically comes to mind.
36.) When someone tells you they’re studying poetry or philosophy you want to ask them if they have a fondness for goats.
37.) You own a pet goat.
38.) You own a pet goat her/his name is Djali.
39.) You just refer to goats as “Djali” and no longer even call them goats.
40.) (Refers to 39.) Your friends know what you’re talking about.
41.) You own at least 2 copies of the book.
42.) You think the song “For The Holidays” should be played throughout stores during the conventional holiday season.
43.) All the questions/answers for your security questions are NDDP/HOND related.
44.) Why was 3 afraid of four? Because one four eight two. If you started laughing before that joke,’nough said.
45.) To you the events of 1492 don’t matter. After all they didn’t take place in 1482.
46.) You’ve done the math and know all the ages of the characters and somehow Fleur is older than Esmeralda.
47.) You’ve read the book so many times that you see the semi-direct connection between Quasimodo and Fleur-De-Lys.
48.) You’ve seen at least one episode of the short lived cartoon TV series, “The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo.”
49.) For some odd reason you’ve watched “The Secret of The Hunchback.” And wondered just how stoned those writers were.
50.) You’ve picked out the perfect jug for your wedding.
51.) NDDP/HOND has inspired you to find out more about the Romani culture.
52.) Everything you’ve ever learned about Catholicism is thanks to NDDP.
53.) You have created at least one work of art devoted to NDDP/HOND.
54.) (Refers to 53.) That piece of art is proudly displayed on every possible NDDP/HOND site known to man.
55.) When someone asks you to choose, you suddenly hear “La tombe ou mon lit” in your head.
1-55 is by Esmeralda Gibert

56.) You know every world of Belle in French but you can’t say “Hello.”
57.) You complain that Esmeralda wears red too much.
58.) You Notice the doors on the pillars in Notre Dame de Paris
59.) You Judge EVERY Hunchback by the jail scene
60.) You only date, Poets, Soldiers, Jugglers, Bell-ringers
56-60 by Me

A Big Thanks to Esme Gibert for putting this together.

2 Thoughts on “You Know You’re an NDDP/HOND Fan When…

  1. Bell-Ringer of Notre Dame on 04/30/2013 at 7:33 pm said:

    You frequently make abysmal puns when ever possible. Call it a… HUNCH…

  2. Esme on 07/24/2012 at 8:08 pm said:

    Thanks for posting this!
    And LOL at your #60.

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