Sony Pictures Animation  is releasing a new 3-d movie called  Hotel Transylvania. It’s about a hotel for monsters and the character of Quasimodo is it. Quasimodo is played by Jon Lovitz and is a gourmet cook.

Quasimodo as a monster archetype comes out the 1923 reputation, so this interpertation of Quasimodo has nothing to do with the book. The fact that he’s a gourmet chef is more of a  parody of the French than Quasimodo. However since this movie isn’t about Quasimodo and him being a straight-up monster and a chef doesn’t bother me

Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania picture image

Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania

My biggest annoynace is the design of Quasimodo. For a character that is famous for being deformed and ugly he sure looks normal albeit slightly ugly but not up to standards for the character. I mean look at this eyes, where his protrusion? Even cutesy Disney Quasimodo got that much. It’s a bad character design when the identifiable characteristic are his legs and feet.  If it wasn’t for the legs and the shoes I wouldn’t believe this as Quasimodo. For a movie about monsters they could have made him look more like a monster but they didn’t. I have to wonder though, for a movie about a haven for monsters where no humans are allowed, how do they explain Quasimodo being there in the first place?

I have no issue with Jon Lovitz for the voice.  I loved him in The Critic and I’m sure he’ll be fine in this.

Hotel Transylvania hits theaters September 28, 2012. You can see Quasimodo at 1:32 in this trailer.

I think the movie looks entertaining enough. Not an original concept but seems silly.



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