The Hunchblog is 2 years old today. So to celebrate it I thought I would do a little retrospective. As of this post this post number 494. I have been posting every day since April 2012. Which has been tough. I use theme days to keep me on track but can be hard to come up with new, interesting and fun content. But I do enjoy blogging about the Hunchback even if sometimes I get burned out.

To date I have covered the 1939 version, the Disney version, the Disney Sequel, Der Glockner von Notre Dame, the Disney park show, the 1923 version, and I just finished the Jetlag version.  So that is 7 versions in 2 years. My approach is to look at the adapations  from my different angles like reviewing the character, costumes, production, etc. It’s provides a lot of great content and I think it’s makes for a better blog.


So what has been my favorite version that I have reviewed so far and what has been my  least favorite? 

Well my least favorite to review was 1923 version. I just found it really boring and hard to watch. And the ironic thing is it’s a really well regarded version so that made it tougher since there was a lot to cover.

I have two favorites the Disney sequel and Der Glöckner von Notre Dame. I really enjoyed reviewing the Sequel because it’s so bad that I got to be mean and silly and that was really fun. And with Der Glöckner von Notre Dame it was fun because it was great compromise between the Disney version and the book so I enjoyed reviewing it, plus a lot of stuff for these two versions I covered with the Disney version so it made it a bit easier.

So of my 494 posts, which post are my favorites?

Not really that surprisingly it been my posts on costumes. Mainly my rant of red Esmeralda costumes, my defense of Esmeralda’s green costume in Notre Dame de Paris, and the 1923 costumes. I also like  the let’s get superficial look at Esmeralda and the  Notre Dame de Paris/Pokemon fan-art. I really had fun matching Pokemon to the NDdP character’s personalities.   I also liked my post on how popularity impacts accuracy and  the a how bad the romance was in the Disney sequel.

So with all the theme days I do which one is the hardest to do weekly?

Without a doubt it’s Silly Sunday. It’s very hard to think up ideas that are one, fairly silly and two, I can pull off. I tend to do a lot photoshop images because it’s hard to come  Hunchback jokes and most of the hunchback jokes out there are not that funny. But I enjoy it most of the time. Some of my favorite Silly Sunday posts are;

Mario Kart,

Vaudeville to toll booth 

The Grinch as Frollo

Frollo and anime cats

Frollo’s guide to  seduction  

Frenchman Quasi

Frollo as teacher

NDdP hats

Frollo as Slendy 

I want to thank  everyone who has visited the Hunchblog and I hope to improve  and hopefully keep this blog going another 2 years or more.

One Thought on “2 year Retrospective

  1. AnaykhOntheDoor on 12/20/2012 at 10:35 pm said:

    I discovered this blog at just the perfect time, and it’s been a great source of information and entertainment ever since. I am convinced that you will NEVER run out of material, because this story has made such a strong impact on western society that we feel the need to tell the story again…and again…and again…and again…changing it each time, like a telephone game.

    Thank you for maintaining the Hunchblog. I will continue to be a loyal reader and contribute tidbits when I can.

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