From this you can get the scope the of the first act. The sets are very well done with lots of levels. I will say I’m a bit disappointed in the costumes but this production has lot of people to dress and chorus and dancer I’m sure have several costume changes so I’m will let that go.

This really does seem like an English version of Der Glockner von Notre Dame.  They have Zuflcht (Sanctuary), Hoch uber der Welf (High above the World), and Esmeralda. I can’t help wondering what changes were made from Glockner to this musical version  as this show was called collaboration between the school and Disney. So I while I’m not against an straight version I do hope that this version has its own spin to it.


2 Thoughts on “The King’s Academy Dress Rehearsal

  1. Sandi on 06/12/2013 at 11:18 am said:

    Disney asked the school to premiere the show. This was a high school production not funded by Disney in any way. Disney did come for the second weekend performances (4) and they were very impressed. They said they “forgot” that it was a high school production and were transformed by the show. The best news is that it is coming to Broadway in 2014 (per Disney executives). Yeah! Our production was much more kid friendly since we have many elementary students that were seeing the show.

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