Recently so-call Honest Posters of some Disney movies have come out. They were made by Christine Gritmon and Nick Nadel from TheFW. The Poster were of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This is the Hunchback one,


"Honest" Hunchback of Notre Dame Poster picture image

“Honest” Hunchback of Notre Dame Poster

Gah……… where do I start? Because I have a few issues with this.

First here is the write-up on it “Different take: This poster highlights how Esmeralda chooses the handsome but insincere soldier, Phoebus, over the crippled Quasimodo. The phrase emphasizes how Esmeralda chooses the handsome but insincere soldier, Phoebus, over the crippled ‘nice guy’ Quasimodo.”

How was Phoebus insincere? What does Phoebus do that warrants that adjective? Besides Phoebus may have a saratic personality but I guess saving a family doesn’t qualify him as “Nice guy”? But why do people still bring this up over and over? Esmeralda picking Phoebus over Quasimodo. Why can’t they deal with a protagonist not getting the girl? Why is Esmeralda considered some prize that Quasimodo is entitled to base on the fact that he is the protagonist? I get that is this meant to be funny but this comes back to the Esmeralda not picking Quasimodo because he both ugly and nice. When the point is she treats me more like a brother than a romantic interest. Quasimodo as anything but a friend never enters her mind.  This line of thinking that Esmeralda is shallow because she didn’t reciprocate Quasimodo’s half baked crushed is sexist. Shame on you.

One Thought on ““Honest” Poster

  1. Gluglotte on 06/20/2013 at 12:18 pm said:

    Well technically Quasimodo finished second and Frollo finished last :p
    I would have proposed something like “Ugly Duckling in medieval Paris” but in my opinion it’s a bit tricky to come up with a funny and accurate honest poster title for this movie.

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