Madeline looking scary in a in-between Frame Hunchback of Note Dame II Disney 2 Sequel picture image

Madeline looking scary in a in-between Frame of Hunchback of Note Dame II Disney

Back in July, I said that I was putting Fan-art Friday, Silly Sunday and saturday posts on hold for the rest of the summer. Well it’s November now and I have no plans on reviving them any time soon I’m sorry to say. That’s not to say I won’t post Fan-art if anyone wants to send it to me. I will post when and if it comes. It may not be on Fridays though.  Some goes for Silly stuff and NDdP, if I need to post something I will. But I don’t really miss the set days. Also this temporary I may revive these posts some day, just not for now.

And now something completely different;
For the next 6 months I have decide to torture myself. Every Thursday* I will review a Disney Sequel/Prequel/Midquel (that’s a stupid word). I’m going to go in order of their release dates and since I reviewed Hunchback II there no need to revisit that crap.   Once I’m done I will review a Non-Hunchback movie one Thursday a month.

So this should be fun and utterly painful for me, Enjoy!

(I will start  Nov 21st but will skip the next  Thursday because of the Holiday)

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