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Esmeralda Dancing Der Glöckner von Notre Dame

Auditions have started for the Broadway version of the German musical version of the Disney movie version of Hunchback of Notre Dame……. (blinks) yay!

Alright so what types are they looking for?

Quasimodo has to be a strong tenor but dextrous and flexible.

Frollo is an old Baritone with a rich register. I too want rich register ^_~.

Esmeralda has to “ooze with sexuality.” Sigh, she’ll probably have a red costume to match her secreting sexuality. I just hate overly sexy Esmeraldas, hate hate hate. They seem to want the actresses to sing contemporary pop theatre. That could annoying.

Clopin and Phoebus are both tenors though Clopin is high tenor.

Curious, there is no mention of the Gargoyles. I wonder if they will be like the German version or the Disney version. OR in this version at all? WE can dream can’t we, though they were not as bad in the German version.

I must despite my jabs, I’m very happy that this is coming to Broadway. Maybe I will get to see it ^^.

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One Thought on “Hunchback Broadway Auditions

  1. Leo King on 11/16/2013 at 7:57 am said:

    Get an early preview of Disney’s English version The Hunchback of Notre Dame here: !

    This show was the first one licensed by Disney and allowed Disney Production executives to begin reworking scripts and music for the soon-to-be Broadway-bound musical! (This live Hunchback show was also directed and edited by Mr. David Snyder, whom some believe will ultimately direct the Broadway show.)

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