Book 4, Chapter 4, The Dog and his Master
This chapter is about Quasimodo’s deep love for Frollo. Frollo is the only human that Quasimodo loves because Frollo is the one who sheltered Quasimodo, educated him and gave the bells to him. His love of Frollo stems from gratitude. It’s important to grasp that gratitude is what drives Quasimodo’s loyalty, not honor, not glory and not a sense duty. Quasimodo rewards tough who show him kind with unflinching loyalty that should those who Quasimodo has deemed worthy of his loyalty he would die for with a word. This gratitude and loyalty play a huge role later so it important to understand it so for such a little chapter it’s really important.

Book 4, Chapter 5, More about Claude Frollo
More stuff on Frollo. This chapter goes into Frollo’s preferences. Frollo loves his brother but is disappointed by him as well. He love science but really enjoys alchemy. You also learn that Frollo pretty much hates women because he is tempted by them. You also learn about Frollo’s secret cell. This chapter drives the the point that Frollo is a very passionate guy and maybe wasn’t meant for clergy life. He was meant to be educated but his passions are at odds with his choice profession which he did excel at but he moved beyond it.

Book 4, Chapter 6, Unpopularity
I love short chapters! This one is about how Quasimodo and Frollo are not much liked by people. People say mean things to them but Quasimodo and Frollo don’t care. Mainly because Quasimodo can’t hear the insult and Frollo isn’t paying attention. Originally this chapter was cut from the first edition and then added back but it a nice little chapter to end this part of the book on.

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