I’m late to the party on this one but I did listen to it when it was released, on my phone at an Anime Conventions I’m sure it was intended to be listen to in that manner. This post is off the cuff.

So first off this is a very lovely version. It is technically very well done. The orchestration and Groban’s voice is very pleasing. However Groban does not have the power and emotion of Bruno Pelletier or Matteo Setti of the Italian cast, I’m sure there are other great Gringoires I’m just lazy and I don’t feel like listening to the song over 20 times to list on in a tangent.

Also another personal issue I have and this could relate to the lack of power is that Groban seems disconnect to the lyrics. I’m sure he is know what he is singing but the language could just disconnect him a bit. Though I do recall him singing in other language and hearing more passion so maybe that wasn’t it.

It is a very pretty version and I like that people who may have not heard the song otherwise get a taste of the musical.

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Also Groban was in this movie which I love so despite my criticism I don’t care, anyone who was ever in one these movies is  beyond reproach, beyond it I say (not really.)

One Thought on “Josh Groban’s cover of Le Temps Des Cathédrales

  1. Esmee on 04/22/2015 at 9:15 am said:

    I agree. While Groban’s voice is amazing! And I’m really glad that this musical/rock opera may be getting a bit more recognition stateside…curious people are going to be Googling and Youtubeing the song and I’m sure a portion of them will be come fans…I just don’t think Groban adds to the overall emotion of the song and it just sounds like a beautiful and talented voice singing a song. Other than that, the song didn’t really move me or make me feel much of anything and I was kind of disappointed with that fact.
    I initially listened to it on Spotify while I was at work.

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