Sorry guys, due my own procrastination and being sick there will be no new post on Quasimodo  d’el Paris this week but I won’t leave you with nothing.

I was seeing if there was any new info on the Max Ryan version of Hunchback  when I saw on IMDB that the only cast for this movie is now Max Ryan as The Hunchback and Steven Berkoff as Advisor.

Does this mean that the ‘pivotal’ roles of the Giant and the Figment have been cut? Maybe, movies do get rewritten even as they are being made (though this Hunchback version is still in pre-production). Fun Fact Gone with the Wind was getting rewrite like everyday of filming and went through three directors.

Another possibility is that the cast they has listed are no longer attached to the project so the roles just aren’t listed and there will be The Giant and The Figment. I mean, Esmeralda and Frollo were never listed but at one point prior to the movie getting a listing on IMDB  there actors in negotiations for the parts, Monica Cruz and John Rhys-Davies.  I think this is the case because I for one and very curious about the Giant and the figment  and at the same time scared.



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