Djali and Clopin are great ideas to pair with an Esmeralda costume to make a couple costume duo.

Djali Costume options

For Djali there are two methods, one is get a white goat costume

or you can get a goat mask and pair it with is white clothing. I would suggest getting clothes made from fleece for the texture but you can use whatever you have in your closet.

However the most important thing to do to turn this costume from a boring goat to talented Djlai is cutting a hole in the ear of either the mask or costume and putting a gold earring though.

Clopin costume option

Disney’s Clopin is harder to buy items for given that his clothes are two tone but fear not you can get an approximation of this costume. You’ll need yellow pants or better yet leggings, a purple shirt, long or short sleeves though long is better. You’ll also need a yellow cape or shawl or poncho. If you’re the crafty type you can sew some bell to the hem. In addition you’ll need a few accessories, like a gold earring (see above,) a purple venetian mask, a hat, and black gloves. The hat is a little tricky as purple renaissance hats are not in a ready supply but I tried to give some options of hats that could work.





near shape of Clopin’s Hat with a feather

Jester hat with the right colors


If you want a ready-made-costume, this one is close, just add a gold hoop earring, the mask, a hat and black gloves.

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