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Amanda Seyfried

This was a suggestion from Lola (see here )

Amanda Seyfried has already been in one adaptation of an adaption of a Victor Hugo novel, she played  Cosette in the movie musical version of Les Misérables  based on the 1980’s Broadway musical based on the novel. So why not cast her as another romantic foil who gets the guy over the tragic brunette, hmmm Hugo sure has his tropes. But would Seyfried make a good Fleur de Lys?


Amanda Seyfried picture image

Amanda Seyfried

Fleur de Lys’ cross adaptations don’t really differ that much. Sure, some are fleshed out a bit more than others but really she acts as foil to Esmeralda. So just so we are all operating on some page let’s consider her for a movie verion of the French musical but in English, How would Seyfried be as that Fleur de Lys?


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Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, Mamma Mia

Seyfried is a decent actress. She may have never been in a movie that really pushed her acting ability but she definitely competent. I mean she has already played one mean girl, even though she was the dumb one in Mean Girls. Given the right director, she could really make a great conflicted Fleur de Lys. Or that sexually manipulative Fleur de Lys that musical seems to go for.


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Amanda Seyfried as Cosette in 2012 Les Misérables

Seyfried is also a very good singer. Les Misérables was weird movie to base actual singing skills on since the idea is that they were singing like emotional  sing-song rather than the art form and as Cosette she had a weird vibrato that sounds like she was echoing in a windstorm. It wasn’t bad but just off putting. She was better as Sophie in Mamma Mia. Personally I could see her singing La Monture a.k.a “My Heart if You Swear” as it’s called in English, really well.


Amanda Seyfried picture image

Amanda Seyfried

As for looks, I mean she has the right look. Since Fleur de Lys is the foil to Esmeralda’s sultry dark looks, Fleur de Lys has nearly always been portrayed as a fair beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes, more or less. She doesn’t always have blue eyes but blonde in mostly there. Seyfried fits this type perfectly.  Even for just straight-up book version of Fleur de Lys she is on point.   


Amanda Seyfried picture image

Amanda Seyfried

If Seyfried was cast as Fleur de Lys in either musical version or a regular non-singing version she would be fine. Personally I would prefer to see her as Fleur  de Lys in a musical version than straight up film adaptation. It would be really cool to see her play Fleur de Lys against Samantha Barks playing Esmeralda. I suppose you could make Eddie Redmayne as Phoebus though that seems a weird casting choice, he seems more suited to Quasimodo. Who from 2012 Les Misérables would make a good Phoebus? Got it,  Aaron Tveit. That’s not bad casting actually. Hey Hollywood, make me a casting agent!  


Would  Hugh Jackman make a good Frollo? I’d say yes but the Troll part of me wants to say Russell Crowe from Frollo.
Anyway what do you think of Amanda Seyfried as Fleur de Lys? Yay or Nay?

3 Thoughts on “Hypothetical Casting for Fleur de Lys; Amanda Seyfried

  1. Anonymus on 04/24/2017 at 4:45 pm said:

    What do you think of evaluating this dream cast? You could join the evaluation of Oona Castilla Chaplin as Esmeralda and her mother, Geraldine, as Sister Gudule.

    I’d also like to suggest your assessment (knowing you’re a big Bollywood fan) of Ayshuaria Ray cast as Esmeralda and Christoph Waltz as Frollo, and, finally, a review of a non-disney princess movie that is for adults, Was directed and animated by a woman independently and tells an Indian legend that you passed by car: Sita Sings the Blues.

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