Episode 19: A Curious Thing

Sunny Mabrey as Glinda ABCs Once Upon a Time A Curious Thing picture

Sunny Mabrey as Glinda

Quite a few questions get answered in this episode for starters, Why did Zelena cast the Dark curse? She didn’t, the Charming crew did. Why? Because they found out from Glinda that  only a person strong in light magic can remove Zelena’s necklace which is where her magic resides. So they set-up the dark curse to get to back to Emma but Zelena threw a memory wipe into the dark brew. She then takes a potion to counter the effects of the memory wipe and gives a vial to Rumple who turns into Neal who sends it off to Hook to get Emma, which answers the question of who sent the message to Hook. It’s a good thing that bird Neal uses understood English and knows who Hook is and what the Jolly Roger looks like. Super smart random dove, where is that Dove backstory episode?

Also twist! Snow crushing David’s heart to enact the curse but he lives because they now  share Snow’s heart, cute? Anywho the crew restores Henry’s memories via the book and Regina is the one who breaks the curse, which confuses me. I thought that Robin Hood was Regina’s true love but it’s Henry. Or Robin is her soul mate or he back-up true love? How does this work show? Because yay twists are great BUT you don’t keep to your rules.     

Ok, now random nitpicks. Why didn’t Grumpy and Nova take up again? Remember Nova? I guess the show forgot about her because Grumpy mentions the fairies and not even like an easter egg to season 1.  It also took them eight months to come up with a lead? What?   

Glad this episode is wrapping things up and questions are getting answered but it was a weird episode even for this show’s internal logic. I did like the twist that Snow casted the dark curse and Glinda was fun to see.


Episode 20: Kansas

 Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Rebecca Mader as Zelena & Matreya Scarrwener as Dorothy Gale ABCs Once Upon a Time Kansas picture image

Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Rebecca Mader as Zelena & Matreya Scarrwener as Dorothy Gale

Well that ends the plot of Zelena, the wicked witch of the west who wanted to time travel. I shall miss her, I found her brand of evil delightful but it could be a case of less is more. So the plot of this episode has Snow giving birth and Zelena takes the baby for her spell. Emma losing her magic after Rumple force drowns Hook so Emma’s light magic is off the table. Regina however now can use light magic because of love and desire to change  I guess and she removes Zelena’s pendant. Rumple then kills Zelena and her magic is discharge and forms a  freaking time travel portal, well she did achieve time travel, good for her. Her plan would have worked.  

The past plot is Zelena joining the sister witches of OZ and how a chick from Kansas made Zelena go a little jealous so she reverted back to her wicked ways. Glinda offers Zelena the position of Witch of the West which holds the aspect of innocence as its magic attribute.  The moral of the past section was that people shape their own destiny and Zelena was wicked because she chose to be so.  Also Zelena had no reason to be jealous because all the witches of OZ had different hair colors Glinda Blonde, Zelena Red and the other two were black and brown. Dorothy would have messed with the aesthetic but Zelena was perfect. That table needed a red-head.   

Mostly this was good episode did wrap up this plot very neatly but a there a few things to carry over. Rumple proposed to Belle and offered her the dagger as a sign of trust except he gave her a fake. Smart Rumple that plan won’t backfire at all will it?  Then there is Emma moaning about her great life in New York City and how she going back there while Hook is trying to convince her not to go because he like-likes her and he REALLY wants a future with her.  Also there a time portal so let’s see how that plays out in the next episode.


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