1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame Poster picture image
1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame Poster

100 years ago today the 1923 Lon Chaney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame premiered.

This movie launched the Universal Monster movies as well as was the first time a movie version mostly focused on Quasimodo and his actor. Prior film versions were focused on Esmeralda with notable actresses in the starring role.

This version is one of the more notable movie adaptions along side the Disney version and the 1939 Charles Laughton version.

3 Thoughts on “100 Year Anniversary for the 1923 Version

  1. Anna on 09/04/2023 at 7:28 pm said:

    Awn! My favorite version! It’s a pity the film quality isn’t better. I hope one day AI evolve to make this movie and others from this time HD!

  2. nddp on 09/03/2023 at 3:32 pm said:

    yknow what i really like this version! my personal fav things about the movie were esmeralda’s portrayal of a sweet, naive and delicate girl, it’s what works the best imo. also idk why but i LOVE the fact that quasimodo “falls in love”(?) with her *after* she gives him water and would probably couldn’t care less about her if she hadn’t. shows the real ruthlessness/brutality of the OG quasimodo while making 1)him much more of an interesting and mature of a character, 2)his love and loyalty actually geniune and noble. it gives meaning to these things. quasimodo falling for esme for looks is kinda dumb and contradicts the message i think.
    anyways im gonna watch that movie again for nostalgia .d

    • jess on 09/04/2023 at 10:35 am said:

      I agree. I love those aspects of this version too. And that is a very good point about Quasimodo falling for Esmeralda after her she gives him water and not solely for her beauty.

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