A Video that had to be made, it was also made by me. Song is Bang Bang Bang by Group X
(it’s just the first segment though) Enjoy ^^


Which Notre Dame Character would win  in race a la Mario Kart , car racing with random weapons and weird tracks. (based on book)

Hunchback of Notre dame meets Mario Kart Disney

Hunchback Kart


I would say that Quasimdo wouldn’t because of his vision. Frollo would just follow Esmeralda so he wouldn’t win. Sister Gudule won’t win either because she too busy looking for her baby. Jehan could win but he would try to aim for coins and prizes. Esmeralda could win as she quick but she is flighty too and might get distracted by Phoebus. Gringoire might do well but he also might get distracted. Phoebus could win because he’s a no-good cheater but he might let a lady win you know in order to sleep with them later. Clopin could win but like Jehan he might go after coins and prizes. Djali could do well as she a very talented goat but I would say Fleur de Lys would win most of the time because she is cold calculating bitch who always win, let’s not forget she’s the only character in the book to have a “happy ending.”


Which Hunchback do you think would win in a battle royale kart race? I chose the book but feel free to use Disney in your response ^^

Since we’re going to be embarking on reviewing the Lon Chaney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame I thought it would be a good time to ask an important question who is  more Handsome, Chaney as Quasimodo or Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera? Mmmm this is a very tough question as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but then again so is ugliness.


Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera picture image

Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera

Lon Chaney as the Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image Quasimodo

Lon Chaney as the Hunchback of Notre Dame









To answer this very tricky question I asked a crack team of young, impressionable and insecure, teenage girls  who all said that they were both ugly but if they had to pick they all chose the Phantom because even though he’s ugly, he is at least a musician and they all really like musician plus he is a better dresser. Though even when I pointed out that Quasimodo rang bells with making him a musician of sorts the girls still said the Phantom. I guess they like bad boys, typical huh?

My Crack Team of Young, Impressionable and Insecure,  teenage girls a.k.a Disney Princesses picture image

My Crack Team of Young, Impressionable and Insecure, Teenage Girls a.k.a Disney Princesses


Sorry Quasimodo, the girls prefer the deform, obsessed, musically-inclined psychopathic genius to your deformed and slightly angry yet loyal nature.

Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera With Mary Philbin picture image

Phantom makes the Ladies go weak in the Knees


But what do you think? Who is do think is more handsome the Hunchback of Notre Dame or The Phantom of the Opera? (Remember keep it to Lon Chaney)

I mentioned last week that I went to Anime Boston(4/6-4/9) and I had a great time, I got sick but I had a great time. But one of the best parts was that me and my sister’s AMV (Anime Music Video) won Best Comedy. Now since I shamelessly self-promote I wanted to post it here but since it has nothing to with Hunchback I decided to show it to the  characters of the Hunchback and asked them what they thought.

The Video


Their Reactions

Quaismodo –  It lacked soul and depth but I liked, will you be my friend now?
Esmeralda –  They look like princes who ride white horses, I loved it
Frollo– Such an empty hollow video that turns my eyes from god (Maybe if I join a Boy band she’ll love me)
Phoebus – I found my purpose, I going to join a  Boy Band
Gringoire – I suppose it was amusing but I could write a much more amusing song and edit a better AMV.
Clopin –  That would provide the perfect distraction for pick-pocketing
Fleur de Lys –  I really didn’t care for it.
Jehan–  I love it, can you loan me 5 bucks?

Man, there is no pleasing some people.

Anime- Ouran High School Host Club
Song – Pop song by Jon Lajoie [Explicit]
Edited by the Warlike Swans (Me and my Sister)