I have playing League of Legends recently. So here are some the game’s champions as Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmeralda in the Belle pose from Notre Dame de Paris.

League of  Legend Champions in the Belle set up picture image

League of Legend Champions in the Belle set up


Quasimodo – Yorick (he’s a hunchback)
Frollo – Swain (he’s old looking)
Phoebus – Garen (he’s a knight)
Esmeralda – Sona (she a musician who actually make other champion dance)



Helene Segara tears up.

Is it just me or does it seem like Alessandra Ferrari has the same intonations as Tina Arena? Why do English language Esmeraldas have a tendency to belt even though the music doesn’t warrant it?


A Fan Music Video using Disney’s Hunchback with the Italian version of Belle (Bella) from Notre Dame de Paris. Singers (in order) Giò Di Tonno (Quasimodo), Vittorio Matteucci (Frollo), Grazino Galatone (Febo/Phoebus)


Not my favorite rendition of the this song.


This weekend is Otakon, which is the largest Anime Convention on the East Coast of the USA (and I’m attending), I though this Fan-art Friday I would use Pokemon in the Belle staging (with some liberties) from Notre Dame de Paris.

Pokemon performing Belle Notre dame de Paris picture image

Pokemon performing Belle Notre dame de Paris made by me

Esmeralda – Bellossom
Quasimodo – Snubbull
Frollo – Gengar
Phoebus – Rapidash


I really enjoyed this, I liked the fire motif but what is Esmeralda wearing? At least it’s not Red ^_~


I really love their chemistry, it so cute.


This video is a rendition of Belle in Polish. To my knowledge Belle is the only song from Notre Dame de Paris that has been offically translated into Polish. I for one don’t like the jazz arrangement of the song. But what do you think? Yay or Nay?


Though Notre Dame de Paris was never translation into Armenian, Belle was. It’s called Ser.  I think it’s quite pretty.

Now, I don’t know much Armenian, but Ser means “Love.” Another Fun Fact, both Helene Segara and Patrick Fiori are half-Armenian.  Segara even sang a song, Dele Yaman, in Armenian on her 2009 album Mon Pays C’ Est La Terre and her song Dans Nos Souvenirs is in remembrance for the Armenian genocide . Another fun fact, there is a large population of Armenians in Beirut.

You know who else is half-Armenian? Me ^^.  I’m also Italian, English, Irish, & Scottish, and a little bit Assyrian and who what else ^^.