Every so often, the original French trio of Belle, Garou, Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori, sing Belle. It’s alway nice to see and and hear Belle sung by these three.  I love how Lavoie is hold his hand like he did in the show.

Get the original version of Belle sung by these three here, I love this song


Belle and Beast's argument Beauty and the Beast picture image

Belle and Beast’s argument

People think Belle from Beauty and the Beast has stockholm syndrome because they think they’re smart and in scheme of things Belle does not. Stockholm Syndrome
is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.

Stockholm Syndrome affects 8% of hostages so it’s pretty rare. A note, I’m not a psychologist, take what I say with a grain a of salt but it makes more sense than the people who will convince you that Belle does have stockholm syndrome.

For Belle to have gotten stockholm syndrome she would have needed to bond to the Beast for her survival. Beast never threatened Belle’s life, he was just an immature jerk. However one could say that in Beast giving Belle her own room and access to castle it was an act of kindness that could have triggered the syndrome. However Belle then blatantly rejects the Beast’s dinner offer, she and his servants disobey his edict that she can’t eat and then she disobey’s him again by going into his off-limit area before effortfully leaving the castle. Does she get stockholm syndrome when she is no longer a prisoner? The fact that Belle left without much trouble points that she can’t have stockholm syndrome as it hardly seems like she is a prisoner in the place.

People also think that Belle gets it after the Beast saves her from the wolves and she brought him back  to the castle and treated him. During that scene she is still standing up for herself and makes better points about how he should have kept his temper. Belle then thanks him for saving her life. She is not in fear of him and she is speaking to him as equal.

Actually the one act of kindness people connect the Belle’s supposed stockholm syndrome to is Beast giving her the library. Ok no, the act of kindness is that is associated with stockholm syndrome is the victim thinking that the captor is keeping them alive is the act of kindness. When Beast gives her the library it’s a thank you he her saving him and not a ploy to bond to his hostage.

Clearly, I’m rambling. If you want a well written argument agianst Belle having stockholm syndrome, I highly recommend reading Triple Nerd Score: The Truth About A Beauty, A Beast, And Stockholm Syndrome. They explain it far better than I.

But Belle does not have Stockhom Syndrome, if I see one more idoitic website thinking they are smart by suggesting it, I will scream.

QuasAs I was changing my Zazzle password, I decided to see what my top 5 most popular Hunchback items were and which were the least popular.  These are the top ones and next week the least popular ones.

#1 Just Dance
Just Dance, Esmeralda and Djali Tees
Just Dance, Esmeralda and Djali Tees by Hunchstore

#2 Team Frollo
Team Frollo Tee Shirt
Team Frollo Tee Shirt by Hunchstore

#3 Belle Keychain
Belle Keychains
Belle Keychains by Hunchstore

#4 Esmeralda Picture
A Color Illustration of Esmeralda Poster
A Color Illustration of Esmeralda Poster by Hunchstore

#5 Quasimodo Keychain
Quasimodo Keychain
Quasimodo Keychain by Hunchstore

Disney Princesses/Characters are  common choices for costumes but usually one or costume is chosen more than what that character wears in the movie. But let us see which costumes of each character is the most cosplayed. Characters must have at least two costume changes in the movie. I will go through the first 100 cosplay pictures of the character  in google images.  I will search them by their name and word “cosplay” and in Jane and Anna case, Disney was added. Keep in my mind Google Images change a lot.


Snow white picture image

Snow white


Snow White

Yellow – 100
Rags – 0








Casual -1
Pink Gown – 0
Ball Gown -99









Briar Rose -29
Pink Gown -50
Blue Gown -21





Ariel Disney The Little Mermaid picture image

Ariel Disney The Little Mermaid


Mermaid – 50
Ship wreak – 3
Pink Gown -11
Blue Dress – 36
Wedding – 0









Casual -13
Green dress – 0*
Pink – 1
Yellow Gown -86









Casual -93
Disguise -0
Purple Dress -1
Slave – 6
Purple End – 0





Esmeralda as a Disney Princess picture image

Esmeralda as a Disney Princess



Casual – 84
Red dress -12
Prisoner – 0








Casual – 15
Gown  – 61
Warrior 24








Yellow -70
Jungle -2
(all I saw)










Waitress – 9
Almost there dress -0
Princess costume 1 – 0
Princess costume 2 kiss – 8
Ball Gown -83
Wwdding- 0





Elsa picture image frozen



Coronation Gown -16
Snow Queen -84







Anna, Frozen, picture image



Coronation Gown- 7
Snow Dress – 93
Ending Dress – 0







I’m not surprised by the common costume but some of the numbers are surprising. I thought Belle would have more for her Blue Dress.

*saw 1 under Jane

Today’s prophecy comes to us from the lyrics of Notre Dame de Paris, in English.

She may be more pure, more pure than the words can tell

Apparence may be deceiving you today.

Belle's Magical World picture image

Belle’s Magical World

If one Beauty and the Beast Midquel wasn’t enough, fear not they made a second one called Belle’s Magical World. Belle’s Magical World is different as instead one dumb story, we get four dumb stories.

Crane, LaPlume, and Webster Belle's Magical World picture image

Crane, LaPlume, and Webster

The aim of each story is someone learns a lesson. Trouble is, it’s pretty much the same the lesson. The first story is Belle and the Beast fight about Beast’s attitude. They both demand apologies, so a meddling pen, stack of paper and a dictionary forge an apology letter to Belle from the Beast. So Belle says she is sorry. But when Beast finds out about the forgery he gets pissed and throws the three meddlers out.

However, they come back as they get lost and Belle lets them in and then Beasts forgives him. A side story deals with Lumiere forgiving a chandelier for outshining him when actually the Chandelier just wanted to be close to him or something. Forgiveness is the lesson here.

Fifi and Lumiere, Belle's Magical World picture image

Fifi and Lumiere

The second story deals with Fifi, the feather duster, and Lumiere. Lumiere forgets their anniversary, so he ask Belle to help him plan something. But Fifi thinks Belle is moving in on her man. Lumiere makes a sleigh for them. Then Fifi see it was for her. But the sleigh goes crazy and they almost fall off a cliff but it’s ok because Lumiere tells her that he loves her. And then they get saved. Lesson is trust or whatever.

Mrs.Potts and Belle, Belle's Magical World, picture image

Mrs.Potts and Belle

Third story is Mrs. Potts has Season Affective Disorder (SAD). So the gang excluding Beast, who is napping, decides to throw a party. The hitch is no one can cooperate but in the end they do managed to put on a party and Mrs Potts feels better and then the sun also comes out. Lesson is to work together.

Beast and the bird, Belle's Magical World picture image

Beast and the bird

The fourth story is Belle finds a wounded bird and wants to care for it. But the Beast hates bird. But then he hears it singing and likes it so he wants to keep it. Belle objects and then he realizes he can keep it prisoner. Lesson is trust and respect.

Beast and Cogsworth, Belle's Magical World picture image

Beast and Cogsworth

The stories work against the main movie. Beast’s rage pretty much subsides when Belle thanks him for saving her from the wolves. So why is he still so moody. Why does he hate birds so much when in the main movie he tries to feed them? Is meant to be an off-shot? I doubt it. Lumire and Fifi seemed to have more of a sexual flirtation then a significant romance. Lumire and Cogworth have a rivalry that never cleared up so it’s pointless for the to learn to work together only to really forget it. This movie hurts my brain.

Belle and Lumiere, Belle's Magical World picture image

Belle and Lumiere

However, I get the point of this movie. This movie was more than likley a pilot for a TV show in the same vein as the Little Mermaid show, where the characters learn stuff. However, the idea of a midquel show is stupid, especailly for Beauty and the Beast. First, you have a small window for the show to take place in, a few weeks, tops. Sidenote the season changes are all over the place in this movie. Second, Beauty and the Beast is localized to the Beast’s castle so the stories and characters are limited which makes it boring.

Belle and the Beast, Belle's Magical World picture image

Belle and the Beast

And yes this movie is dull. There can only be new insights to side characters but even then the movie doesn’t add much and it only confuses. Belle and the Beast can’t grow in the movie, they can only stay in an awkward friendship or go backwards and be angry with each other. I guess the people in-charge knew the idea of a show was a dud but package it as a movie to make a quick buck.

Belle, Belle's Magical World

I have no positives for Belle’s Magical World. It sucks.

Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas

In the crappy world of direct-to-video Disney videos, Beauty and the Beast is the one title where a sequel is out-right rejected because to have a sequel work people need to accept the Beast’s human form which they do not, so much the moral about Beauty being found within.

But Disney is never one to say no when it comes to making a quick buck and so the midquel was born. What the fuck is a Midquel you ask? A Midquel is a stupid story that happens during the first story. It really doesn’t work with Beauty and Beast but it works better than a sequel because at least the Beast is a beast so we have Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas. Just in time for Christmas.

Human forms of Mrs.Potts, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Human forms of Mrs.Potts, Chip, Sultan the dog ottoman, Lumiere and Cogsworth

This admonition errr story starts one year later on Christmas. Everyone is remembering what happen but somehow Chip doesn’t remember, even though Chip was major character so the Enchanted Christmas is told as a flash-back to people who should remember it.

Belle decorates the Mock Christmas tree Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Belle decorates the Mock Christmas tree

So the story proper, starts the day after the Beast saves Belle from the wolves which is Christmas eve but before Beast gives her the library. Which would make the day she entered the Castle December 23rd. Belle decides to celebrate Christmas but the Beast forbids because he got transformed on Christmas appartently. But Belle doesn’t really care that much, so she is going to have Christmas anyway because it’s awesome.

There is also a evil organ who likes the curse because now the Beast appreciates his emo music so he tries to get rid of Belle and when that fails he tries to kill everyone. That is pretty much the plot.

Forte, the Evil Emo Organ, Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Forte, the Evil Emo Organ

The movie’s new characters are really jarring and boring, which an impressive combination. We have the evil organ, Forte, played by Tim Curry, who is evil and emo. He also have some kind of magic musical power that is never explained but it can bring down the house, literally.

Angelique, an angel played by Bernadette Peters who does nothing, there was no point to her character. Fife, Forte’s piccolo minion, who tells Beast about the source of Forte’s magic because Forte is a jerk and didn’t give poor little Fife a solo, you know he’s the reformed former baddie. And finally a jewish Axe which is painful to watch. I don’t get the thought process on that one at all.

These characters are forgettable. You would think Tim Curry as evil emo organ who be interesting but alas no. The CG work on him looks like it belongs in a different movie.

Belle and the Beast Ice Skating,  Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Belle and the Beast Ice Skating

This movie is fanfic-y and it pretty much shits all over the first one. Belle’s personality is completely destroyed. She basically wants to make the Beast happy and she is kind of doormat in a lot of ways. All her feistiness, charm and individualism are gone. It’s like he saved her the wolves and now she wants to make him happy? What happen to the nice slow progression of understanding and kindness? Why did you mess that up Disney? They also ruined the famous dance scene because they show Belle and the Beast in their formal dubs before the library scene. It’s just so wrong.

Msr.Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Angelique,  Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture iamge

Msr.Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Fife and Angelique,

Then we have the cliche as fuck Christmas story. How many Christmas stories are about someone who hates Christmas trying to stop it and then get shown how awesome the holiday is? Pretty much all of them. Beast is our Scrooge, our Grinch who tries to fight the spirit of Christmas who in this case is Belle. And along with her friends and a Jewish Axe, show Beast the error of his ways before the evil emo organ can use his satanic musical powers to kill them all.

It’s been done to death. I think Disney just wanted to have a Christmas movie and Beauty and the Beast already had snow in it.

Chip in a wreath, Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas picture image

Chip in a wreath

Besides blatantly ruining the first one, Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas is badly paced, the dialogue is train-wreck and over-all just unpleasant to watch. I was happy to see that this video was 63 minutes in length and yet it was still 30 minutes too long.


I harbor a bit of a love for pretty clothing so when I saw that renowned Fashion Designers made gowns using the Disney Princesses as inspiration, I was excited. But some of these reflect the designers more  than the clients, the Disney princesses. So here is my take on them.


Ariel by Marchesa picture image

Ariel by Marchesa

Ariel’s gown is by Marchesa. I can see Ariel a little bit in this. The top is a call back to her sea-shell bra and the skirt has a fish tail silhouette. I wish the color was a bit more vibrant. Marchesa has a vintage and Asian influence aesthetic to the brand. I can see the vintage but I think it’s too much of a throw back. Also I dislike the volume at the waist, it would be so much better and more like Ariel if the volume was just at the bust.   6/10


Aurora by Elie Saab picture image

Aurora by Elie Saab

Aurora’s gown is by  Elie Saab. I don’t see Aurora in this. I mean it’s pretty and very Elie Saab, whose aesthetic is feminine and romantic which suits Aurora but the style of this doesn’t. Maybe if the neckline had more details or if the belt at the was more interesting it could have been more in keeping with Aurora. Also the color is not right. I think a deeper pick would have been better and then chiffon could have contrast it instead of being the same color. 4/10


Belle by Valentino picture image

Belle by Valentino

Belle’s gown is by Valentino.  When I first saw these gown I thought it was Jane’s from Tarzan. I like the skirt, the vertical ruffles are very nice and the color is a nice take on Belle because let’s face it that gold color works on Belle but it can look very tacky in real-life. The bodice however No, No, No. I don’t understand the hood at all. The puff sleeves and the mid section don’t work with Belle’s gown either. 3/10


Cinderella by Versace picture image

Cinderella by Versace

Cinderella’s gown is by Versace. Like Belle’s gown my main reaction is no,no  a thousand times no. What the hell, Versace? This is tacky. The only thing I can see of Cinderella is the peplum. The color is wrong. I can  kind see what they were doing as Cinderella’s gown can look white but it has a cool tone and this is a a warm. It’s so wrong.  1/10


Jasmine by Escada picture image

Jasmine by Escada

Jasmine’s Gown is by Escada. I’m confused by this one. Jasmine wears red once and that was when she was Jafar’s slave. I guess the bracelets point that that is what this gown is based on, so we’ll just say that  even though Jasmine had two Princess gown’s in the film plus her normal blue outfit it’s based on Jafar’s look, which was pretty sexy admittedly. But ok. Despite not really reading Jasmine. I like cut and the color is nice. I dislike cape though. I don’t get as part of the look or as Jasmine really. Maybe it was a train off the wait it would have been better because I like the way it drapes. I think the cape cut off the neckline and Jasmine wore open necklines. I love the accessories.  7/10


Mulan by Missoni picture image

Mulan by Missoni

Mulan’s gown is by Missoni. Missoni is all about prints and it seems that like they just remade Mulan’s with their prints. I really like the blue print and the beige chiffon. The applique flowers are a bit much but I think the overall look is a bit much and looks costume-y.  4/10


Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli picture image

Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli

Pocahontas’s gown is by Roberto Cavalli. Pocahontas is a tough one to design a gown for as her being in a Tsencommacah it’s hard to get her to a shiny princess gowns. Cavalli aesthetic is rock, wild and sexy. I guess wild fits Pocahontas’s personality. The fabric fits Pocahontas natural aesthetic but the gown reads Cavalli more than Pocahontas.  The feather-like fringe details on the skirt is a bit silly. The cut of the gown is very similar to Pocahontas’s costume so it’s an appropriation. It’s not a bad idea for Pocahontas it just fails to connect with me. 4/10

Rapunzel  by Jenny Packham picture image

Rapunzel by Jenny Packham


Rapunzel’s gown is by Jenny Packham. I love with gown, I would wear this but it’s a Jenny Packham’s gown and not Jenny Packham’s design for Rapunzel.  In fact basically this dress is a copy of one of Packham’s wedding gown in purple with more fabric that pools on the floor.  (click here to see the gown). I’m not sure how to rate it. 8/10 for the gown as itself and 2/10 for it’s connection to Rapunzel because other than the color there isn’t one.  So sad.

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta picture image

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta


Snow White’s gown is by Oscar de la Renta. At first glance this is over-the-top but looking with a  a more critical eye and keeping Snow White and Oscar de la Renta in check, this one is really good. It captures both Snow White and Oscar de la Renta’s personalities very well. Oscar de la Renta aesthetic is ornate and luxurious which this is but the color are in keeping with Snow White. The details also fit with her design in a new way which I appreciate. There is the neckline and the puff sleeve it communicates her look but it different. Yes, it over the top but it works. 8/10


Tiana by Ralph & Russo picture image

Tiana by Ralph & Russo

Tiana’s gown is by Ralph & Russo. I can see Tiana in the puffy skirt and the diagonal draping in the bodice. The color is more blue than Tiana’s vibrant green but it’s quite pretty. I like the cowl neckline and I’m glad that it wasn’t strapless, I hate  strapless gowns. I hate the line at the waistline though, I wish it was either embellished somehow or not there. That line kills me.  If the color was amp up a little more or more green it would be more Tiana-ish. 6/10  I still like it though and if the color worked on me I would wear.


I should do research to see what Design would be the best to bring Esmeralda’s costume to life.  Also do you agree or disagree with me?

This is from the Concept Concert the original, original cast (note Noa) performed in February 1998, 8 months before the show. This was the first time Belle was performed in Public.