Paul Daraiche, Daniel Lavoie, and Bruno Pelletier performing Belle on June 25th 2013 at FrancoFolies de Montréal 2013. I love it when Bruno Pelletier performs this song.

A special version of Belle sung for Helene Segara. It was sung by her friends, family, fans and former cast members of Notre Dame de Paris. There are some very cute and silly lines that even my meager french skills picked up though subtitles helped ^_~.
It’s a very sweet video


(on a way side note the person who posted this video has Little My from Moomins
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These feature Angelo Del Vecchio as Quasimodo, who is the alternate. He was also in the 1oth anniversary  Italian cast with Alessandra Ferrari.



This performance of Belle confuses me. We have no Phoebus but whatever this isn’t the first performance to cast aside Phoebus. We have three languages being sung; French, Turkish and English. And what is Esmeralda wearing? It looks like a Grecian style maxi dress. I could expect this is Quasimodo and Frollo were not in period-ish style costumes. Maybe I’m missing something. Oh well, at least it’s not red. But also why does she seem angry? Also is just me or is Quasimodo’s prosthetic falling off?

The first time I heard Belle from Notre Dame de Paris one of my first thoughts was “This sounds like a piece of music from Final Fantasy IX.” Now at the risk of sounding like a “gamer” (which I’m really not), Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite games ever. The piece of music from the game that sounds like Belle is called “Freya’s Theme. ”

Now it’s only in the beginning of each that they sound similar. For first 7 seconds of each they really sound alike. They both have the same rhythms, beats and tone. But Belle’s tempo is much slower and the use of instruments is different. Belle uses guitars and Freya’s Theme uses what sounds like a harpsichord (I think). In any case, both pieces use strings.

Maybe it’s because I love Final Fantasy IX so much that helped me gravitate to Belle and Notre Dame de Paris. But they’re are both great pieces of music. Also bells are important item during the part where this music play in Final Fantasy IX. Coincidence? Oh, I think not.

Well actually I do. But isn’t that kind of cool. But then again the game does look to European history and style so they are more than likely refefencing the same  music roots. But it’s worth noting that in Japanese the main character’s name is “Jitan” which is how the Japanese spell Gitan meaning Gyspy. So I suppose it’s possible that the production team took inspiration for Notre Dame de Paris as the Final Fantasy IX was being made right after the musical came out in Paris. Though I really doubt that.

Music by  Richard Cocciante and Nobuo Uematsu

The World Tour Trio (Matt Laurent, Robert Marien and Yvan Pedneault) singing Belle to I guess an audience member in Taipei, Taiwan.  I


I have playing League of Legends recently. So here are some the game’s champions as Quasimodo, Frollo, Phoebus and Esmeralda in the Belle pose from Notre Dame de Paris.

League of  Legend Champions in the Belle set up picture image

League of Legend Champions in the Belle set up


Quasimodo – Yorick (he’s a hunchback)
Frollo – Swain (he’s old looking)
Phoebus – Garen (he’s a knight)
Esmeralda – Sona (she a musician who actually make other champion dance)


Helene Segara tears up.