In Soviet Russia Hunchback Notre Dame Joke, picture image

In Soviet Russia Hunchback Joke

Quasimodo Cat picture image

Quasimodo Cat

I take no credit for this gem.

Quasimodo Sunday is the  Sunday after Easter, transnational called “Low Sunday.” In The Hunchback of Notre Dame this is the day in which Frollo finds Quasimodo as a baby and adopts. He calls him Quasimodo because of the day and his deformities.  So to celebrate Quasimodo’s name day  this;

Frollo names Quasimodo (dr evil and mini-me parody))

Frollo names Quasimodo

Image parodies Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Happy St Patrick's Day Hunchback style

Happy St Patrick’s Day Hunchback style

A Tear for a Drop of Brand Named Soda

Shameless Product Placement by Professor Donohue

Shameless Product Placement by Professor Donohue


Made by by Professor Donohue

Nevermind that Frollo is stalking Esmeralda, who is she wearing?

Esmeralda & Frollo at the Oscars, The hunchback of Notre Dame disney

Esmeralda & Frollo at the Oscars

watermelon-seed spitting contest

watermelon-seed spitting contest

Esmeralda steeling herself up for the Watermelon-seed Spitting Contest that is being held as part of the Festival of Fools. Meanwhile, the Archdeacon is having second thoughts about agreeing to hold the contest INSIDE the front hall of the cathedral

Story and image by AnaykhOntheDoor

Why did the Hunchback cross the road?

Why did the Hunchback cross the road? silly joke picture image

What lies beyond that road?


To get a drink of water.

Why did the Hunchback cross the road? silly joke picture image

The Hunchback has his prize

Quasimodo as the New Year's Baby picture image

Quasimodo as the New Year’s Baby

Frollo is shocked that he received a Christmas Present. Will this generous gesture melt his icy heart? Will this present make his heart grow and will be full of Christmas cheer like the Grinch?

Frollo gets a Present picture image

Frollo gets a Present

Of Course Not, he’s Frollo!

Picture Made by AnaykhOntheDoor