Quasimodo doesn’t mind menial jobs so long as he’s “out there.”

Quasimodo as the School Janitor picture image

Quasimodo as the School Janitor

Disney Esmerlada as the Sexy Librarian picture image

Disney Esmerlada as the Sexy Librarian

Coach Phoebus de Chateaupers picture image

Coach Phoebus de Chateaupers


 Professor Frollo picture image

Professor Frollo



Frollo teaches some teenagers the Alphabet using the proper words

A – Abomination.
B – Blasphemy 
C –  Contrition
D – Damnation
E – Eternal Damnation



He maybe ugly as sin but remember ladies, Quasimodo is a Frenchmen so looks don’t matter. Not when he’s armed with that Beret, that Mustache, those Baguettes and that Red Wine.  No woman can resist the charms of a Frenchmen even the ugly ones.

Frenchmen Quasimodo paroday of Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney sequel picture image

Frenchmen Quasimodo



This rare footage from the Disney version of Hunchback  is how the sequence was originally filmed but due mistake in the editing  room the chase scene was play out in a forward action instead. By the time the mistake noticed they had already printed the release date on popcorn buckets so they had to deal it. But thanks to the magic modern technology we can see the chase segment as it was originally intended.

Please Enjoy.

Phoebus (Patrick Fiori ) as Wooly Willy Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Phoebus (Patrick Fiori ) as Wooly Willy

I think this speaks for it’s self.

This video was taken from the Frequenstar episode on Notre Dame de Paris. It features  It includes Julie Zenatti and Nadia Bel singing La Sorcière, Patrick Fiori reveals a mistake he made and Garou singing Un Matin Tu Dansais.

I think Notre Dame de Paris was totally missed cast Julie Zenatti should have played Frollo. Her rendition of  La Sorcière was brilliant. I’m joking of course though it would be cool if they did a mixed up concert where the roles are shuffled around.

The yellow text was done by me  but other than fades and the text/subtitles, the clip wasn’t edited.

Helene Segara & Patrick Fiori with Dancers being silly in an Elevator Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Helene Segara, Patrick Fiori & some of the dancers being silly in an Elevator

Here are some Funny add-in to Notre Dame de Paris and some Mistake. Though I’m sure there are a lot more of these incidences that occurred in all the many different casts.

During Tentative d’enlèvement Phoebus sings “Je suis le capitaine chargé de la sécurité” (“I am the captain in charge of security” ), in the last performance the word “SECURITY” was written on Patrick Fiori chain mail. source

During a performance of  La volupté the bed was covered with condoms. source

During Tentative d’enlèvement in a performance, Fiori replaced Esmeralda’s knife with a comb . source

During the song Je reviens vers toi Fiori instead of singing “au fond de moi c’est toi que j’aime encore” (From the depths of me, it’s you I still love) he sang “au fond de toi c’est moi que j’aime encore” (From the depths of you it’s me I still love). source

In the London production during The Bird they put in Cages Garou instead of ” do they birds they put in cages” he accidently starts to sing “do the children they put in cages” source