preface – The fan-fiction was created at the request/bribe of friend. I’m posting this in 3 parts to avoid a wall of text and I’ll linked them together after they’ve all been released. Story was more or less written in the style of Victor Hugo (or so I tried), and it’s meant to satirical and silly-ish.

Frollo Flies  Kite
Fan-fiction by Me (Jess of the Hunchblog of Notre Dame)

Chapter 1

 Frollo leaned over the edge of the window of his cell high in the tower of Notre Dame. He waited for a few minutes, ever impatient, ever filled with desire to see the young gypsy dancer, La Esmeralda enter the square below. Finally she entered and performed her dance which exposed her super-natural beauty. The Priest watched and his lust intensified. He places his hand upon his cheek and drank her in with his eyes and become bewitched and entranced by the fluid and sensual movements of this girl of singular beauty and sweetness.

His trance was shattered when she abruptly stopped her reverie as her nominal husband Pierre Gringoire the poet, whispered into her ear and like a flash of lighting piercing the heavens, the two were gone. Filled with confusion and jealousy the priest pursued them. He followed them through the small winding streets of Paris till he come to a wide clearing with the most greenest grass framed by the azure sky. At the center most point of the clearing stood La Esmeralda with Gringoire. In her soft brown hands she held a string that connected to the most beautiful kite  that was the color of the purest gold.

At once Frollo felt  the ground turn to ice and froze up to his knee  and held in place as his body froze his head burned. He was entranced by the kite’s graceful dance as it wafted in the breeze against the sky as if it was an angel hovering over the earth to offering blessings. The priest was consumed by the singular beauty of this immortal kite.

The spell was broken when La Esmeralda reeled the kite in back to the earth. Frollo looked at the young girl against the kite and realized that while she was young and beautiful her beauty paled in comparison the lovely kite. As Frollo come to this realization the two were gone and with them the fair kite.  The priest resolved that the kite must be his and from then on he followed the kite, around corners, in alleys and under stairs. Everyday he watched the young couple flying the resplendent kite. It came to be that watching them fly the kite was what he lived for. But after weeks of watching Frollo yearned to hold the strings, to be in control of that beauty, to wield power over the fair golden kite but he didn’t dare, the kite was far too lovely to approach to even gaze was to burn to the core of his soul.

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