Frollo Flies Kite
Fan-fiction by Me (Jess of the Hunchblog of Notre Dame)

 Chapter 2

 One day in early summer, Frollo came to the clearing to watch the subject of his desire fly. On this day he saw that the young  couple was now a trio, that worthless Captain of the King’s Archers, Phoebus de Chateaupers was flying his beloved kite. The captain was reckless as he flew the kite. He showed no regard for that delicate string which supported the beauty of the sweet kite which supported its grace and add to its beauty. Overcome with rage, jealousy and lust, Frollo withdrew to Notre Dame. Once there he shut himself away deep within his cell, consume by his torment. Seeing his beloved kite in the hands of that odious man played in his brain. He beat his head against the floor but the image lingered. He felt that his fate was tied in the delicate strings of the kite. Frollo knew that while his love was in the clutches of the poet and the dancer that this horror of that captain flying his kite would repeat and as dawn broke through the heavens

Frollo knew what he must do to ensure that no one else would ever touch the kite again except him. He collected himself off the floor and rushed up to bell tower. He found his ever loyal bell-ringer Quasimodo lovely caressing the bells. Frollo signed to the deaf deformed bell-ringer to follow him and without a moment’s hesitation Quasimodo followed his master.

Frollo lead Quasimodo to a place where he knew the gypsy and the poet would pass with kite on their way to the clearing. After a few hours of waiting in readiness La Esmeralda and Gringoire came into to view carrying the charming kite. Frollo made a sign to Quasimodo and in accordance with his master’s wishes he made a swipe at the poet and picked up the dancer. The kite fell to the ground in the struggle. Frollo seeing the kite hit the ground mustered all his swiftness and made a grab at it and ordered Quasimodo to release the dancer and follow him. Quasimodo complied but was confused by what had transpired as were Esmeralda and Gringoire. Frollo and Quasimodo fled the scene with kite in toe while dancer and the poet went off to buy a new kite.

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