Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 Lon Chaney picture image

Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 Lon Chaney

The 1923 version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is fondly remember for launching Lon Chaney’s career and for helping to change the way films were made but the movie is viewed with rose-colored glasses. Viewers often watch this movie as the First major Hunchback movie, as a classic universal monster movie or as Lon Chaney’s star vehicle. Judging by the audio commentator of the DVD this film gets critical pass but the movie is on the boring side and none of the character are fleshed out. It’s just dull on the story front. Speaking on the DVD commentary or in this case the Audio Essay (*cough* Pretentious *cough*), while there is a lot of good information the guy (Michael F. Blake) can not pronounce Quasimodo, Esmeralda or Phoebus. He says Quasimodo like Qua-SAY-Mo-do and Esmeralda like Esme-RAUL-da and really murders Phoebus’ name.

The Hunchback of Notre dame 1923 version Ultimate Edition Stuff picture image

The Hunchback of Notre dame 1923 version Ultimate Edition Stuff

If your interested the DVD comes with ;
– Optional audio essay by Michael F. Blake
– Lon Chaney on the set
– Alias and Alack (excerpt)
– Gallery of promotional shots and advertising material
– 20-page liner notes booklet with images featuring essay and reproduction of original souvenir program.
– And 3-D Glasses with no earpiece so you can’t keep it on. It’s for the Gallery of 3-D stills.They 3d enough just to make you feel slightly dizzy.

Click here to get the DVD along with all these features

Now let’s move anyway from the super remembered 1923 version to the not at all remember Jetlag version. With a studio name like that they have to put out high quality cartoons that are exciting, right?

Jetlag Cover picture image

Jetlag Cover

Oh….. well Next time the Jetlag version (which was selected by a vote)

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