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This was a suggestion by Marni, click here to see the suggestionHans Matheson is one of those super versatile actors that you don’t even know you have seen in movies or television. He’s a bit like Rufus Sewell in that regard.  Matheson literally just becomes the character so much that you don’t really notice him as the actor. I don’t mean that in a bad way, he’s just a type of actor where his acting precede himself.  But how would Matheson be as Frollo?

Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer, The Tudors picture image

Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer, The Tudors

As previously mentioned, Matheson is great actor. I have no doubt he could play Frollo as the script and movie’s direction would portray the character. Frollo as a judge or as a priest Matheson has the skill set to play Frollo effectivly.  

Hans Matheson as Alec, Tess of the D'Urbervilles picture image

Hans Matheson as Alec, Tess of the D’Urbervilles

The only real issue with Matheson as Frollo is a purely superficial one, his looks. Matheson is conventionally attractive with square jawline. These are not bad traits but they do work against Frollo’s ugly austere looks as described by Hugo. Looks are really a minor issue with casting ultimately because with make-up you can change everything about a person, so he could be made to look like Frollo if really needed.

Hans Matheson as Marius Les Miserables 1998 picture image

Hans Matheson as Marius Les Miserables 1998

Matheson is great actor who could pull off the conflicted, tortured inner workings of Frollo even though he resembles Phoebus more. But what do you think? Matheson for Frollo?

Fun Fact – Matheson was in another Victor Hugo adaptation as Marius in the  1998 version of Les Miserables.

2 Thoughts on “Hypothetical Casting for Frollo; Hans Matheson

  1. Esmee on 02/01/2017 at 6:10 pm said:

    I thought he looked familiar! I haven’t seen him in anything, other than Les Mis…so acting wise, I don’t think he’d be right for the part of Claude Frollo.
    As far as looks go…he’s a little too handsome and still looks very young; but with some contouring and other make up effects, he could look weathered/haggard and more austere.
    While I don’t think Claude Frollo is supposed to be “ugly” or “old”, he’s not the leading man…this guy is the leading man type.

  2. Annitta on 01/25/2017 at 1:37 pm said:

    I haven’t seen his work anywhere beside Tudors, but apart from looks, gotta say he’s a great actor, he could do justice to Frollo in this department.
    I don’t think Frollo was necessary ugly, he was austere, old looking, perhaps he looked angry all the time, when Esme says he’s old and ugly, she might comparing him to Phoebus, or seem even uglier because he was turning her life into a living hell. Also there are some people who consider old = ugly, an this is not always true. Plus, he was around 35 in the book (I think?) but I bet he looked older than that, so he might be more tired looking than anything else, and thus an average, not ugly, but not handsome guy, would look quite unatractive.

    For this cast I’d recommend another guy that I saw in Tudors, Jeremy Northam – Thomas More, has more of a Frollo’s look – and it’s very interesting how he starts as a good man, a humanist and turn into an obsessed catholic burning protestants, crazy with his desire to erradicate them from earth.
    Actually, it was this video that put this casting into my mind, watch Frollo’s part:

    The video isn’t the best but it’s decent.

    Another suggestion would be Jeremy Irons – see Lolita and Borgias – you need nothing else (I actually hadn’t watch Borgias, only some scenes). And this video is brilliant:

    So my suggestions are Jeremy Northam or Jeremy Irons – both Jeremys very great actors, it must be something on the name hehe.

    Sorry for any mistake, english isn’t my native language.

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