Due to forces beyond my control, I have to postpone the next review post this week.

So instead you can just watch the Ballet,


No Burbank post this week but I have a treat,


I have been waiting for this for like two years.   And as a bonus




This is far too silly. Video by Rin.

I love the dog as Djali.

I don’t know what compelled this person to make this video but bless them.

Do to some personal reasons, there will be no anti-hyptheical casting post today. I had asked for suggestions on Facebook so that is why I’m mentioning but I can’t get it out for today. I’m sorry, it will be out next week and maybe I will do two casting posts in August since people like seem to enjoy them.

Anyway Enjoy this video that is a Notre Dame de Paris blast from the past,


Again, next week will be an anti-hypothecial casting post on Jim Carrey as Clopin.

I died with laughter at 2:09.
Also 2:16 because I love that character.

This is pretty cool. I really like the rose window light on Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the fireworks.


Julie Zenatti played Fleur de Lys in the original Notre Dame de Paris cast

Behind the Scenes, Fight Choreography Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical La Jolla  picture image

Behind the Scenes, Fight Choreography



This link is to a video of behind the scene of the Hunchback Musical of fight choreography.  I can’t say I know what scene this is or the characters but I think that Esmeralda appears in it. If you know, leave a comment.