Vincent Cassel for Frollo…

This suggestion was left in a comment on the last fan-cast post. I think it’s a crime that Vincent Cassel has NOT played Frollo, like in what reality does this man go through life having never played Frollo? 

The Actor

Vincent Cassel as the Beast in Human form La Belle et la Bete 2014 picture image
Vincent Cassel as the Beast in Human form

For those of you who don’t know, Vincent Cassel is a French actor who also does English language roles as well. He is most known for La Haine, Black Swan, Ocean’s 13 among other movies and tv shows. 

I don’t think I have seen enough of his movies to peg him for a specific type but I think he could pull off a very intense dramatic depiction of the character if the script called for it. OR he could play it more subdue. The point is I think he could pull off most takes of on Frollo. Preferably a dramatic version but if it’s a comedy, he would still deliver a great performance. He did voice Monsieur Hood in Shrek so he could handle a “humorous” take on Frollo if that is the version that was getting made.    

The Look

Vincent Cassel as Thomas Leroy, Black Swan (2010)
Black Swan

Cassel also has the exact right look for Frollo. He’s has an angler, triangle shaped face which would work so well for Frollo, no conturing necessary. He also has a intense stare which is also needed.

Seriously how has he never played Frollo?

The Role

Vincent Cassel as Serac, Westworld (2016-2022)
Vincent Cassel

There are few actors working today that are as perfect for a role as Vincent Cassel is for Frollo. It is an injustice that he has never played the role in a movie or series.

But What do you think? Would Vincent Cassel make an ideal Frollo? Or can you think of someone better suited to the role?

If you have a casting suggestion, please leave it in the comments, I’d love to read them.

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