Book 8, Chapter 1, The Crown Piece Changed to a Dry Leaf


Esmeralda (Maureen O'Hara) and Aristotle share a moment 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda (Maureen O’Hara) and Aristotle share a moment

This chapter Esmeralda’s unfair farce of a trial. Basically, she’s doomed before this thing even starts. I mean the treat it like an obligation. They really just need her to confess and when she fails to do so in this chapter, the old judge complains that she is holding up their meal. What Jerks.

Poor Djali, all she did was simple tricks and these jack-ass are like witchcraft. Oh and that La Falourdel bitch, her kid stole her money and then she complains about how her house was described in the report. Hate that lady.


Book 8, Chapter 2, Continuation of the Crown Piece Changed


Esmeralda being Tortured picture image

Esmeralda being Tortured

Since Esmeralda doesn’t want to confess to a crime she didn’t commit, she is tortured. She doesn’t last at all long before she breaks and starts confessing to just f-up stuff, like having intercourse with satan in the form Djali. This medieval judges are f-ed in the head.

Not a really fun chapter.




Book 8, Chapter 3, End of the Crown Piece Changed to a Dry Leaf


Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda, 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda,

This chapter is Esmeralda and Djali sentence. Can say much about it though apparently part of her penance in paying the judges of the Bishop’s court and the candle she has to hold at Notre Dame is 2 pounds.


Poor Esmeralda.

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